Struggling to create content for your social media faster and consistently?

Explode your business with high-quality clients in the next 30-days by having a solid content strategy in place – SAVE dozens of hours!

Master Effortless Content Creation: Join Our One-Day Workshop!

Join the ONE-DAY Workshop to figure out how to create content consistently and how to do it in a way that is NOT draining, confusing or expensive – No Marketing, Design, or Creative Skills Required!

Want to Write Less, Grow More on Social Media?

If so, then you’re in the right place.

This ONE-DAY WORKSHOP is for coaches, authors, and course creators who know they need to be online to attract more clients...

But don't have the time (or desire) to spend hours on social media or coming up with new content to do it!

Here’s what most of YOU are doing wrong…

Does any of this sound familiar...

  • You sit in front of your laptop, get excited about posting content on social, or try to come up with ideas

☞You have a few great tips to share with your audience, or even post for a few days

  • But then you struggle to come up with ideas or don’t see any traction

☞ It gets even more challenging to spend time creating content

  • You end up posting nothing on your social media platform(s)

And quietly, your mind begins to question if you’ll ever have a solid content strategy

Let me tell you, I’ve been there. Creating an interrupted stream of content is HARD (at least good content, anyway)

But just because you’re struggling to write content faster, and every day, doesn’t make you a bad coach!

30-Day Content Strategy for Coaches, Authors, and Creators!

Being a coach, author, or course creator and creating high-quality social media content consistently are completely different skillsets.

And even though creating a content strategy LOOKS “easy”...

It takes a lot of intention, research, and planning to get one that’s right and actually beneficial.

Between growing your business and trying to create meaningful and high-converting content, you probably don’t have the time dedicate to those critical steps…

That’s where my 30-Day Content Strategy comes in

There’s a COMPLETE 30-DAY CONTENT STRATEGY baked in (plus relevant content, ideal platforms, how to use AI - artificial intelligence -, and a lot more ) to make sure you get get GREAT results.

Here’s What You’ll Get In This Workshop…

  • An Easy-to-Follow and Implement Social Media Strategy That Works for you and your Business
  • Relevant Content that Connects With Your Audience
  • A Clear Understanding of What Are the Best Platforms for Your Business
  • Cheat Code to Leverage Already Created (Well-performing) Content
  • The Best Places to Find Amazing Help Online
  • The Best Way to Delegate So You Can Do More Of What You Love
  • The Easiest Way to Create Digital Lead Magnets
  • Effective Way to Test + Improve Lead Magnets
  • The Most Comprehensive Intro to AI (for content creation & biz)
  • My Tried and True Best Ways to Use AI (even beginners can follow))

Oh, on top of ALL that…

I give you Three Bonuses to kickstartyour social media success

Bonus#1: Best Platforms for Content Creators Report ($250 value)

The best platforms (for free and paid) list for content creators that don't want to learn by trying the wrong platforms.

If you’re tired of wasting valuable time and effort on platforms that don't deliver the results you desire, this report is WORTH Gold.

This comprehensive guide provides a carefully curated list of both free and paid platforms, sparing you the frustration of trial and error. I've done the legwork to ensure you start on the right foot, saving you countless hours and resources.

Imagine creating content on platforms that are tailor-made for your needs, allowing you to focus on what you do best - creating engaging content that resonates with your audience.

Bonus#2: AI (Artificial Intelligence) Thorough Overview for Beginners ($497 Value)

AI is no longer a technology reserved for tech experts. This bonus video lesson, "AI Thorough Overview for Beginners," breaks down complex concepts into easily digestible, actionable insights.

Whether you're completely new to AI or a mid-level user, this 60-minute session is designed to elevate your AI game.

With the use of AI tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Canva, you'll gain the knowledge and confidence to integrate AI effectively into your content creation process.

Bonus#3: Social Media For Beginners Workboook ($97 Value)

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of social media platforms and unsure where to begin?

"Social Media For Beginners Workbook" is your personalized roadmap to mastering each platform efficiently.

This fillable workbook takes you through every step, ensuring you understand how to leverage each platform to its fullest potential. From crafting engaging posts to understanding analytics and growing your audience, this workbook simplifies the social media landscape.

Picture yourself confidently navigating various platforms, armed with the knowledge to optimize your presence and connect with your target audience effectively.

Who Is This Workshop For?

  • Anyone Who Wants A Social Media Content Strategy That’s Right
  • Anyone Who Finds Coming Up With Relevant Content To Post A Headache
  • Anyone Who Wants To Know What Platforms You Should Have A Presence In And Which Ones You Shouldn't
  • Anyone Who Wants To Learn How To Effectively Repurpose Content
  • Anyone Who Wants To Learn How And When To Delegate
  • Anyone Who Wants To Know How To Create And Test The Right Lead Magnet For Your Audience
  • Anyone Who Doesn’t Know How To Use Ai To Create Your Content
  • And Anyone Who Wants to Save Dozens of Hours Every Month Creating Their Content & Marketing!

One Day Workshop's Agenda

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Type of content to post
  • What platforms to use
  • Where to find already created content
  • How to and when to delegate

  • How to create a freebie that converts
  • A behind the scenes look at how I use AI to quickly create boss content
  • Where to find the best people to help/assist you

Unlock Your Time with the 30-Day Content Solution!

Regardless of whether you’re a thought leader, coach, or course creator…

My 30-Day Content buys back your #1 resource: TIME

My question for you is, how much is your time worth?

I am willing to bet it's a whole lot MORE than just $300 bucks for over 30 hours of work a week!

With that being said, here's my next question…

How much are you leaving on the table just because your ideal clients…

Don’t know that you exist

Don’t know where to find you

Barely see you on social media

And don’t see content on your social media platforms?

I know you’re struggling to publish high-content consistently because of a lack of time. But don’t worry! ALL of that is taken care of in my 30-Day Content Strategy workshop.

Instead of just showing you how to grow your social media platforms…

I’ll give you the content strategy for your social media to have 30 days' worth of content created in no time!

There’s no need to stress about content for your social media platforms…

You're NOT alone anymore.

You’re already exceptional at what you do – now you need a content strategy to win high-quality clients.

30-Day, Money-Back Guarantee…

I'm SO Confident You'll Learn A Lot From This Workshop,

that I’m offering 100% Happiness Guarantee.

Having an experience of 20+ years, I can confidently say what I teach in this workshop is what I practice. The success I have had with my approach encouraged me to teach it to others.

When you pay for your spot in my one day workshop, you are backed by my Rock Solid 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

But I can say with 100% confidence – anyone who implements my 30-Day Content Strategy – will never have to work so hard again to write social media posts that get results.

Meet Your Instructor, Catherine (Cat) Storing

Master Content Monetization & Leverage Strategist Catherine (Cat) Storing

👩🏽‍💻 Master Content Monetization Strategist | 📝 Business Coach |🎙TEDx/Keynote Speaker | 📚 Best Selling Author 💃🏽 | Author of 25+ books | Course Creator

As a seasoned Master Content Creation Strategist, Ghostwriter, Business Coach, Author of over 25 Books, Creator of 20+ Courses, and Offer Creation and Launch Coach I have learned (by trial and error) which free and paid platforms to use plus I have incorporated all my experience and expertise with AI (artificial intelligence).

I have been writing and coaching experts for over 15 years! My team and I have helped established entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries to create and launch products, books, and professional programs.

Due to the volume of digital products and services we needed to create we created a process to write content fast and consistently.

I LOVE sharing my shortcuts, processes, and expertise with up-and-coming experts, like authors, speakers, coaches, and course creators.

Still Have Questions?

Will putting out consistent content improve the effectiveness of my paid ads?

ABSOLUTELY! When have a strategy in place and you deliver high-quality content consistently, your PAID marketing will become WAY MORE EFFECTIVE. The market is watered down with businesses who are throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks. We see it EVERY day, and this strategy isn't working nearly as well as it used to.

HOWEVER.... this all changes when you're putting out great content! When people KNOW, LOVE, and TRUST YOU.... and THEN they see your ad.... they will be a heck of a lot more likely to take action. Therefore, if you're regularly putting out great content, you should start to see a HUGE improvement in your conversions and your cost per lead!

What is your cancellation policy?

Easy! Simply request a refund within 30-days of purchase. You may contact us directly at faith @ to request your cancellation. It's a simple and easy to get a refund.

What if the strategy isn't a good fit for my market?

What I teach is time-tested, thoroughly researched, and carefully crafted for online entrepreneurs, regardless of the niche. We’re so sure you're going to love it and stick around... and that's why we have a ROCK SOLID guarantee.